Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa's

As always, the kids had a fabulous time with the loves of their lives ... Grandma and Grandpa. As soon as we arrived Lucy took this super selfie with Grandma, also recording a video where she said she and Grandma "are best friends, but not best matters." What does that mean? Who knows.
 Grandpa uses tools. Jamie's hooked.
 And a motorcycle? Icing on the cake.
 Especially when Grandpa will take them for rides on the motorcycle around the neighborhood.
Grandma goes to the park,
 And has things like sparklers.
 If you hang around long enough something exciting will happen, like a tree breaking and falling. Spectator sport at Grandma and Grandpa's house includes the tree-pull with Grandma's new Kia.
 And there's almost always a birthday cake, whether it's really your birthday or not.
 And you might even get a surprise bedtime story at the end of it all.
 The only bad thing about Grandma and Grandpa's house is the view on the way home. And that it's a long, long way home.
Sure do wish I had a picture of Jamie on Grandpa's batmobile.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Shorty's Controversy

Ahh, Shorty. The Dog Who Lived.
Approaching 16 and totally gross, covered in warts and tumors, terrible gas and a constant nose whine, we couldn't love her more. Well, maybe we could, but only if she acted more like a dog and less like furniture. And didn't stink so bad. And was less annoying and needy. One of Lucy's friends summed it up once when she asked me "Why doesn't Shorty do things normal dogs do?" This comment rivals the time the air conditioner repair man was in and out of our house for three hours and Shorty didn't budge from the couch. On his way out he stopped and asked "Is that dog ok?"

A couple months ago when I thought the end was imminent (for the 956th time) I posted on our community swap facebook page asking for a piece of cheap or free carpet to make it easier for her to walk through the garage. We have no direct backyard access so she must cross the sometimes slippery concrete floor, and was starting to fall. Though I had in mind exactly the need for carpet, many thought the worst of me as a dog owner, resulting in a comments-long thread about what a terrible person I am.
I defended my honor as well as that of the dog. She is spoiled, pampered, and well cared for, not what many assumed when I asked for the carpet.

Then a couple weeks ago again, Shorty made a ruckus on the community swap facebook page when she escaped from our yard (this is an exaggeration - I forgot to close the gate and she wandered away in about an hour) and made it exactly two houses down the road, only to be picked up by a neighbor that I know, and passed along to Animal Control.

The irony of the trip to Animal Control is that Shorty very much used to be an escape artist. She'd bolt out the door and I would chase her around downtown Orono for hours. I guess now that she can no longer move she's easier to trap. While I do appreciate others looking out for the welfare of my decrepit dog on one of the town's busiest roads, again she assumed the worst. Again, a comments-long thread about the fate of this poor dog and its terrible owner.
Please do note that you can, in fact, see my house and car from the picture that Rachel took of Shorty, the desperately injured and dumped dog. Also note that there were several people who offered to help pay for medical bills. Since I just dropped $127 on a month's worth of prescription medication for her, I might be sending some messages. She's always been one to stir the pot but Shorty's really putting it all out there in her golden years. Wheee!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Zoo Field Trip

This is the kindergarten field trip to the zoo as illustrated by Lucy. Daddy and Lucy rode the bus to Des Moines together. As you can tell, they were the only two on the bus. Or in the loaf of bread with wheels, I can't tell.
 There was some guraf watching. Giraffes are my favorite animal, which is probably why they made it into the picture, though Lucy said her favorite animals were the finches.
 And a picnic after the zoo in the beautiful sunshine-y day.
And no, Eric did not shave his beard for the trip, it just didn't make it into the picture.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Dance Recital

It's that time of year again! When my entire weekend is consumed by a dance recital for a 5 year old. This year we've upped the ante with 2 dances, 2 costumes, and a whole lot longer in the auditorium.

Not sure if my kid's a natural poser or if this is what they teach in that dance class.
 The ballet look is always serene, half-closed lids and a no-teeth smile.
And the recital (rehearsal) footage. Lucy is 2nd from the left in tap and at on the very left in ballet.

Dance recital 2014 from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rainbow Day

Lucy's elementary school is doing an ABC countdown for the last 26 days of school - today was U, yikes! - and R day was Rainbow day. Wear as many colors as you can. I thought it would be fun for the kiddos to decorate shirts and they had a great time decorating and wearing them. Check the socks. Perfect finishing touch I believe.
 And this cracks me up as it's how every day goes. Jamie threatens Lucy with a weapon. Lucy shrinks and cries. Repeat process.
Happy Rainbow Day to all!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gymnastics Spring Show

Lucy is into the spotlight. She wants people to watch her, clap for her, bring her flowers, etc etc. I thought Jamie was a limelight kind of guy too, but found out I was totally wrong. He's a mama's boy who love the audience of one, I think. Thus our experience at the spring show.

Jamie's show was at 9:30 so we showed up at about 9:00. The place was already packed, we only got a seat way off the the side of the bleachers, and Jamie was supposed to leave me and go through the door and fence store to a room where all the little kids were waiting. That did not happen, though he did make two appearances on the floor for the obstacle course before the show started. When he started screaming and someone stole our crappy seats we cut our losses and left.

Lucy's show was at 11:15. We got there and she didn't even turn around to look at me in line as she walked through the door, and was a total ham on the floor.

In other news I do believe that we're talking to agents about Tokyo 2020.
And the whole routine:

Gymnastics Spring Show from Kristin York on Vimeo.

 Since Jamie didn't participate I thought I'd have them do a backyard spring show for me after we got home. That didn't go so well either, but at least I didn't have to drag him out screaming.

This is the tumblebug rainbow, one leg lifted.
 Lucy's cartwheel.
 And what gymnastics show would be complete without some car race/repair action?
Maybe next year Jamie will participate, we'll see!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jamie's Preschool Class

Next year Jamie will finally get a chance to go to Small Wonders, the same preschool Lucy went to with the amazing Miss Karla. I'll admit kindergarten is a bit of a letdown after the connection I felt with Lucy's preschool and the teachers there, but I'm practically over it. Lucky for us Miss Karla also runs through parks & rec afternoon classes, and Jamie was finally old enough to try out the pajama party class. Yea!

The class started out a little rough for Jamie. He didn't want to go the first time, didn't want me to leave him, and then for a couple of weeks didn't want to go back. He came around, and now every morning asks if it's a preschool day. Disappointing that today is the last day, but he'll get lots of preschool days next year!

Today I went in to try to snap a couple of pictures of him, but the other kids kept noticing me so I ducked out pretty quickly. Here he is playing before the class started:
I managed to get this one from afar as they were gathered around the rainbow table for the craft before another little boy Miss Karla has called "the ambassador" called me out of my hiding spot as Jamie's mom. Jamie's all the way on the right, you can barely see his head peeking out under the #6.
Finally, doesn't he look happy? Small Wonders is just such a happy place - I don't know if all preschools are as fabulous but I'm pretty pleased with this one.