Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Did I mention Lucy started kindergarten? Yeah, it was a while ago now.

We have a copy of Twas the Night Before Kindergarten that we read, and that she pretended to read to Jamie. By the end of the year she'll be reading it by herself.
 Lunch packed! I really enjoyed packing this first one, but as I mused in August, it has indeed gotten old. She eats a nutella sandwich every single day.
Jamie didn't want to be left out of the backpack action.
This might be my favorite picture ever.
 Lucy's classroom. It was so neat and organized at the start of the year. Her poor kindergarten teacher has 26 kids for 7 hours a day, including 2 non English-speakers, with no aide. I think this is insanity.
 The students are allowed to line up between 8:15 and 8:25 outside the building. At 8:25 the bell rings to go into school and at 8:35 the school day starts.
 And this was the temperature when I picked Lucy up on that first day. Did I mention the air conditioner was broken in her classroom? We kept getting notifications to send water bottles with the kids. 26 kids for 7 hours at over 100 degrees with no air conditioner. There's the start of a joke in here somewhere.
 But she was still this excited at the end of the day.
 And day 2 we snapped a picture of Lucy with Mrs. Lenaghan, who Lucy writes is "The Best Teecher Ever"
With well over half the year gone I say it's been a success.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Who needs training wheels?

 Not this girl!  One push and she was off.

Bike Riding from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Not quite on two wheels yet, but plenty willing to stand on the tricycle pegs.
 So proud:

Friday, August 30, 2013

Backyard Fun

Thanks Grandma, for sending this splash pad home with us this summer.  We've gotten plenty of use, especially post-stomach bug when we're not supposed to go to the pool!  As you know, it's important to have protective eyewear while playing in the yard.
 Somehow I get the feeling taking a Christmas picture will be a little easier this year.

Splash Pad from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Maine Summer Part 1

I had grand plans on how to organize posts about our visit to Maine this summer that obviously didn't come through.  We had a great time.  Here is some of it:

Grandma treated us right.  She bought my kids expensive waffle cones and didn't even complain when most of them got tossed into the woods.

We got to see some of our Maine best boys, from left Brett, Lucy, Dayton, and Dawson.  They played in the freezing pool, jumped on the trampoline, and examined all kids of dirt or bugs or boy stuff.  Jamie loved it, though admittedly he loves princesses, tutus, make-up, and dolls.

We had a lot of fun at camp again this year.  The kids are still young enough that they love being there, climbing on the rocks, and exploring the woods.  Plus they love Grandpa's boat.

Maine Summer 2013 from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Lucy's 5

So exciting to turn 5 this year, though she thought it meant once she had her birthday she'd be going directly to kindergarten.  That was a tough one to explain.
 We started the day with opening the box Grandma sent.  Lucy was so so so excited to get presents that I made the box sit unopened in the living room.  She would have been over the moon to see the actual wrapped gifts.
 Hooray for dress up clothes from Grandma!  Hooray for presents!
Grandma skyped through the opening of her box.  It was almost as good as being here, right?
 Later we met some friends at the pool for toddler time swim with snacks and cupcakes.  From Lucy counterclockwise are Luci and Bowen (preschool friends), Howie and Gus (more preschool friends), Quinn, Jamie, Karrie, and Deacon.  Bowen, Luci, and Deacon belong to Karrie and Howie and Gus belong to Jenny who jumped out of the way as soon as I took out the camera.  Jenny told me she was keeping an eye on Gus as he has "kind of a thing" for Lucy.  She'll be homeschooling them through elementary school and apparently he's afraid about not being able to meet a girl if he doesn't go to school.  I think that is positively hysterical, but I don't have to raise him. 
 We had a great time swimming all afternoon.
 Lucy picked out the most birthday-ish cake our grocery store had.
 And Jamie was confused by his inability to eat an entire piece in one forkful.
 Presents from mom and dad!  We bought Jamie a chainsaw.  He loves it, and spends time every day sawing something around the house.  It was super funny how both with Grandma's box and the gifts we had he immediately recognized the wrapping paper that was his.  I think when we opened Grandma's box he even said "Oooh, cars for Jamie!" 
 Lucy was so excited about everything she got.  This is a purse pet.  Lucy wears it proudly to stores and announces to everyone that although they might think it's a real purse, have no fear, it's just the purse pet.  Not real.
It's so easy to buy her gifts right now.  Someone remind me of this in 10 years, ok?  When she wants a coach purse or a cell phone or something that hasn't been invented that I can't imagine that cost thousands of dollars.

And a video of cake and some gifts:

Lucy's 5th Birthday from Kristin York on Vimeo.

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Lucy's Dance Recital

It's recital weekend!  We had the dress rehearsal last night which was the only night we were allowed to take photos or video.  You'll notice that Lucy tries to sparkle and shine - Miss Beth, the studio owner, made announcements on the stage before the dress rehearsal began and one was about the best way to sparkle and shine like a star was to smile.  Lucy did her best, that's for sure.

The costumes look white in the video so here you can see the actual color.  Keep your eye on the 3rd girl from the left in the video :)

Lucy's Dance Recital 2013 from Kristin York on Vimeo.

 The video was of the dress rehearsal and the photos are from the first of two recital days.  With makeup, lots and lots of makeup.  She was thrilled.
 Lucy lined up with her class.
And the routine.